About Mies Jansen

    Mies Jansen is a financial technology company specializing in delivering off-the-shelf, cloud-based capabilities and fully customized products to the institutional finance community. We provide full-stack solutions in the sales and trading space for banks, hedge funds and other financial companies that have technology gaps or are seeking innovative solutions to complex problems in the analytical space. Mies Jansen is able to provide end-to-end solutions for clients, including cloud management, transaction database architecture, reporting database architecture, risk calculation systems, algorithm calculation systems and front-end solutions.


    On the investing side of the spectrum, we work at the intersection of big data and finance to provide our clients with strategic insights that arise out of in-depth examinations of a company’s underlying data. We have the ability to review any type of data and evaluate its quality, robustness, and its implications from an investing perspective. We have looked at information across a broad range of industries, from wireless spectrum to agriculture to corporate loans.


    For clients requiring risk analytics platforms, Mies Jansen’s principals have deep expertise in designing and implementing risk systems. We can provide clients with top-to-bottom solutions for evaluating, managing and hedging risk across products in the equities, fixed income and derivatives space. Our work in the risk architecture realm has included xVA, e-trading controls, real-time risk systems for securitized products and residential mortgage pricing and risk models.


    In addition to pure technology development, Mies Jansen focuses on providing its clients with strategic advice and solutions around the integration of technology with workflows to maximize clients’ efficiency. When building customized solutions, we examine each aspect of a client’s interaction with its existing technology and identify every point at which a manual process can be automated and costs reduced. Our goal is always to reduce costs, increase the integrity of reporting functions and create easier programming environments that increase our clients’ flexibility.


    Mies Jansen’s principals have a diverse set of skills across the finance and big data value chains. Our team includes members with expertise in computer science, asset cash flow modeling, derivative modeling, scaling small valuation tools into enterprise-wide systems, structuring, large-scale applied statistical analysis, enterprise technology development, biostatistics, Bayesian methods and forecasting, structured options and optimization.


    Pricing / Hedging Analytics || Systems & Workflows for Institution​s

    Pricing / Hedging Analytics

    Focusing on helping clients price (and hedge) challenging risks

    • xVA pricing / hedging
    • Swaption pricing
    • Commodities derivatives
    • Mortgage analytics

    Systems & Workflows

    Significantly lowering the costs of systems for Sales & Trading

    Redesigning front-office workflows to scale human and financial capital

    • Marketplace lending
    • Corporate credit market making
    • Cloud analytics for institutional clients

    Michael Jansen

    Chief Executive Officer

    • Large-scale management
    • Technology development
    • Trading model management
    • Fixed income & electronic markets​


    Sining Chen Ph.D.

    Chief Analytics Officer

    • Advanced Statistical Modelling
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Bayesian Methods

    Jonathan Perle

    Executive Vice President

    • Law
    • Technology development
    • Venture capital
    • Business strategy


    Fred Ball

    Chief Talent Officer

    • Human talent
    • Client relationships
    • Alignment of strategy & execution
    • Building outstanding teams            
  • Simplification of Pricing Mechanism

    At a Tier 1 investment bank, the Sales Desk required the assistance of expert users to price, execute and monitor portfolios of complex foreign exchange options. The tools used had been developed over the previous 15 years for expert users on the Trading, Structuring and Quant teams with minimal support beyond the workflows around requesting prices. There were over 200 users of the product in 15 different business areas, located in 12 different offices across the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The product utilized over 200 payoff models.


    Mies Jansen’s principals focused on understanding real end-to-end workflows and mapped out workflows in multiple locations, as they frequently differed for historical or regulatory reasons. This allowed not only for the automation of segments of the workflow that were manual, but also made them more efficient and standardized them where possible. Mies Jansen’s principals were able to make Sales self-sufficient on pricing, execution and monitoring of complex FX options portfolios, bring the turnaround time to add new products for risk management and trade processing to under 24 hours, introduce a system where the trading desk could rapidly prototype new functionality with minimal IT assistance and reduced the ongoing technology costs by using a cross-asset platform shared across Fixed Income. As a result of the efforts, ticket numbers doubled, new products were able to be priced within a couple of hours, new products could be booked for risk management and trade processing within 24 hours and Excel was eliminated as a rapid prototyping tool, along with the inherent defects in that approach.

    Internal Cloud-Based Risk System for Agency and Non-Agency Collateralized Mortgage Obligations

    In the mid-2000s, prior to the cloud being introduced into finance, members of the Mies Jansen team helped a client to radically alter its productivity in the Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) space. The client had a team of traders and quants who were responsible for trading the CMOs. At the time, pricing for CMOs was done using an internal server, and queries took almost a minute to run. With each CMO deal containing 5,000 loans, it took minutes to obtain the cashflows and then run them through the model. When the team wanted to run 40 scenarios at once, the amount of time it took to process was nearly ten minutes.


    Through the construction of an internal cloud, the bank was able to reduce the processing time from minutes per query to well under a second. Whereas it previously took ten minutes to run 40 scenarios, the bank was able to do the same calculation in about a second, allowing the traders to be much more efficient and to deliver better results to their customers. In addition, overnight, the team was able to run scenario analysis (approximately 4,000,000 scenarios nightly) across the entire universe of non-agency bonds (~20,000), a task that was impossible previously.

    Real-Time Mobile Risk-Management Tool for Senior Traders

    Prior to the involvement of Mies Jansen principals, the situation at one bank was such that its senior staff members lacked real-time reporting on intra-day positions. This required the senior management to meet in person or call each trader during the day to check on positions in order to be able to properly monitor the traders. Mies Jansen’s principals observed this situation during the course of another engagement and then took the initiative to propose, design and implement a system where the real-time positions were collected and displayed on the management’s computers and on a mobile application. This required developing a process to clean intra-day trade data and centralize positions, risk, trade prices, counter-parties and sales credit in one location. The result was a much more efficient management system and the tool spread across the entire Fixed Income management team.